The Pantheon Vaudou – The Loas

The LOAS are the exclusive interpreters of Voodoo. There are over a thousand LOAS. Each HOUGAN has his own preferences as to which LOAS he will use.

These are the same LOAS that will accompany the voodoo community of HOUNFOR
which depends on each HOUGAN or MAMBO.

The LOAS will participate in the work that will be ordered from them by the HOUGAN and will receive rewards for their effort thus promulgated by offerings adapted to the situations and to the different LOAS.

Each LOA is associated with a “vévé”, a sacred line which symbolizes it while representing the extension of the action requested of it.

Here is a list of the most popular LOAS
with their respective vévé .

Papa Legba
It is one of the most important Loa in Voodoo. It is the spirit that opens the doors, protects and indicates the direction to take. Affectionately called the “lame” it is notably symbolized
by the stick.
Baron Sam’di Symbol Crossroads of fate Renewal

Dreadful Spirit of Death. He remains
in the Cemeteries.
It symbolizes the secrets of the HOUGANS.
The cross marks the crossroads.
Agoué Symbol Armed boat

Master of the Seas. Agoué reigns over the oceans. Topped with flags symbolizing the spirits of war (red) and death (black). Agoué walks on the number 9 + 1, 9 being the sky and 1 representing man. The ship symbolizes the initiatory crossing which will lead to Ifé, the holy African city.
Agaou Tonnerre Symbol Thunder and Lightning Stones

Master of Thunder and Lightning.
When thunder rumbles, the rain will water the land of the peasants.
Aïzan Palm Leaf Symbol

Aïzan is the spirit of initiation.
She herself is a Mambo who invisibly helps those who impart Voodoo Knowledge.
Marassa Double Egg Symbol

The Marassa are twin spirits. At the center of this vévé is symbolized the childhood of the world. This Loa involves both protection and danger.
Damballah Symbol The Boa

Spirit of knowledge
symbolized by the snake or boa snake depending on the places where it will be celebrated.
Hogou shango
Saber  or Machete Symbol

Spirit of War and Fire. Fearsome, it has always been present in
the history of blacks around the world by accompanying them in their struggle.
He traces the path of the voodooists,
destroying with machete blows the brambles (literally and figuratively)
that prevent them from progressing
on the initiatory path.
Lightning storms are their ally.
Karefou Symbol Crossroads  Paths

Spirit of the path to take. It indicates the right path to take on the right initiatory path.
Mait’Karefou is often associated with Papa Legba.
Erzulie Symbol Heart Love

Erzulie Fredda Dahomey is the Spirit of Love. She is a true goddess in Voodoo.
Erzulie symbolizes the meeting of the masculine and the feminine, the union of water and fire.
Nago Symbol Wrought Iron

Blacksmith, he belongs to the great family of spirits of war and iron. It symbolizes the union of the 3 great Voodoo rites: Rada, Petro and Congo-Ibo.
This vévé has the shape of the anchor of the initiatory ship. Initiation which aims to give birth to the complete man, master of his destiny. (This is one of the key words of Voodoo).