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Geneviève (France)
By asking for help or any benefit through Voodoo, don’t we limit its possibility of evolution and all the suffering that has been removed does not risk being simply carried over to the next life and don’t we increase our karmic debts even more? When we come to ask for help from Voodoo, we come to ask for a sort of arrangement of part of our own destiny. We all have our destiny … This destiny, we will separate it into 2 distinct parts: 1 – the immutable part: we cannot change anything, because everything is already written,

2 – the modifiable part:
it is the “adaptable” part of our destiny.
It is on this second part that we can influence in many ways. In fact, it is about an arrangement, a comfort to continue on the road of its immutable destiny.
In Voodoo in particular, we know how to ask the spirits (LOAS) to intervene for this or that other person. But it doesn’t happen like that with a snap of the fingers!
We must first ask the loa if such and such a person can benefit from Voodoo.
The loa will then visit this person (overlap in our language) and then accept or not to help him. In principle, everyone is entitled to their small share of happiness.
So comes the question, very relevant, whether this arrangement will further increase the karmic debt !? We don’t think so, because from the moment the Loa agree to intercede on a person, the way is clear for that.
Otherwise, it is also up to the applicant to take his own responsibilities … But as a general rule, we think that the action will not take anything away from the postponement of this debt, but will be content to adapt it to better support it perhaps …

Anthony (haiti)
Why is there competition between the servants of Voodoo?
Perhaps this competition depends on the Hounfors and especially on the regions where Voodoo is practiced.

For our part, at Hounfor of the Mandrake, we are absolutely not confronted with this kind of phenomenon. But maybe it also depends on the power issues specific to each Hounfor depending on whether it is in Haiti, Cuba, the West Indies, Africa, the United States or Europe … Some of these countries play the pressure from Voodoo and other not.

Boniface (Ivory Coast)
Are the Voodooists men to be feared?

Why fear someone to whom we have done nothing? As long as a Voodoo is left in peace, it has no reason to be feared. If you do wrong to a Voodooist, he may react by bringing in the Voodoo people on his behalf.
In fact, Voodoo is to be feared only from its enemies. It is true that if you want to hurt a Vaudoussi or worse, a Hougan, let it go … Find something else to do and quickly forget your harmful plans … You will thus keep a quiet life within the framework of your usual daily life .. In Voodoo, it is not customary to turn the other cheek after receiving a slap on the first …
But one thing is certain, it is that Voodoo does not will never act without a reason.

Agnès (France)
Is it okay to use Voodoo powers on a person for revenge?

It is up to everyone to do what they have to do. Revenge can be a justified punishment sometimes … so … why not … for everyone to see! … where is the good … where is the evil … certainly in each of us!

Sebastien (Antilles)
Do we have protection by practicing Voodoo rituals?

If you are not experienced, you are indeed taking risks by practicing certain rituals. There are methods of protection that we apply in Voodoo in particular.

Monsieur X (France)
Do we have to be officially a sorcerer to practice Voodoo?

This does not mean that all Voodoo practitioners are rocket science … Moreover, this term does not really exist in our vocabulary … Operative practices in Voodoo are only one aspect of our religion. The first goal of Voodoo is to worship God by asking the LOAS to intercede for us … and also to honor our ancestors by asking them to participate in our lives ….
That said, it’s best to know what you’re talking about when you want to get into something as sharp as witchcraft. Never forget that the return shock is absolutely SYSTEMATIC during an action, WHATEVER THE ACTION … The notion of good and evil absolutely does not exist in the astral …

Geny (Reunion Island)
Can the spell we have cast on a person come back on us and betray us?

Yes .. it all depends on how it’s done !! it is the principle of return shock. Moreover, if the person is protected, everything is then possible !!

Larry (Australia)
What are the main rules of Voodoo?

For this, we invite you to read our site completely … you have answers to your questions in the different sections of
Patrice (France)
How can I get introduced to Voodoo?
To become Voodoo, you must be initiated into a Hounfor and for that you must be accepted by a Hougan. Each Hounfor has its own rules, it’s up to you to find the one that suits you best. You can contact Hounfor de la Mandragore to obtain the necessary information.
Being a Voodoo initiate is above all a return to oneself with great humility.

Makka (Canada)
Voodoo dolls? What are they used for, what are they made of, who can practice a Voodoo rite with a doll?

The Voodoo Dolls were originally intended to act as a substitute for a person whom they will represent on several points.
– They are used primarily to treat people from a distance,
– They are used to “work” on a person who has been spellbound, regardless of the distance,
– They serve to protect the person she represents when the need is present,
– They are also used to target an enemy who would like us harm,
– They can also be used in action of evil against a specific person.

In short, Voodoo dolls are used in all moments of life according to the opportunities.

the MAKING of Voodoo dolls is quite complex while being quite simple.
Here is the very simplified recipe of course.
– We take the element that will be used to constitute the doll (wax, fabrics, clay, straw …),
– We make a silhouette roughly representing the person concerned,
– We introduce into the doll thus made elements of the person concerned (pubic hair, nail clipping, hair dandruff, or any element allowing an exact representation of the person …),
– Then comes the “baptism” of the doll in the name of the person to be worked,
– From this moment, the doll becomes the person concerned and we can then perform the necessary operation which will act on the person exactly as if he were physically there.

Unfortunately, today we find works which deal with “recipes” for making dolls and it is regrettable, because there is a certain very real risk of carrying out this type of work … It very often happens that the the person’s etheric body reacts and seeks to send the sender what is called a kickback. It should be known that in the astral, there does not exist this notion of “good or bad” that a Judeo-Christian culture has often instilled in us, even if we are now returning to our original values.
So, this lack of notion of good or bad means that whatever we do on a person, there will ALWAYS be a return, proportionate certainly, but sent to the
The handling of the dolls is therefore very delicate and very often requires a solid and serious experience for the officiant who will be in charge of them.

Virginie (France)
How can the HOUGAN satisfy all the requests made to it? And how does he deal with each case which is different at the same time?
Regarding the various cases that will be handled by the Hounfor de la Mandragore, the Hougan has assistants and Voodoo priests to help it. Fortunately, because the Hougan is generally in high demand.
By tradition, it is almost always the Hougan who receives requests at the Hounfor de la Mandragore. Then it is he who will direct the work in the sense that it must be carried out either with his Officiating Priests or with his permanent assistants.
The Hougan personally takes charge of certain matters according to their own criteria.
Otherwise he has a “team” made up of a certain number of Priests and a certain number of assistant officiants.
However, there can be several Voodoo jobs performed at the same time. This work is managed by several officiants who take turns as needed, but this work is ALWAYS under the control of the Hougan.
All the work of the Mandrake Hounfor is almost always done at night and in relation to the different lunations.

Jenna (Canada)
Can we say that Voodoo is like a sect?

No, in any case Voodoo can be assimilated as a Western version sect. There are Voodoo communities of course, but each Voodoo remains entirely free to participate in the life of the community or not … In addition, there is no dogma in Voodoo, we simply believe in GOD but we do not have the claim to appoint one of its representatives on earth. This is why we mainly address ourselves to deities called LOAS.

Sophie (Canada) Where do Voodoo groups meet and how often?
The various Voodoo communities meet where they usually are. For the frequency, it will depend on each Hounfor (Temple) and also on the application or not of the Voodoo calendar. Voodoo meetings are held in Hounfors (Voodoo Temples) which can range from a simple room to a room that can hold more than 100 people.

Sophie (Canada)
What are the texts that support beliefs? What is the dominant belief of Voodoo groups?
In Voodoo one can indeed use texts but also not use them. Let us not forget that Voodoo is not a religion of the book, but rather of an oral culture. But the Bible is often used in certain rites. The Bible is inherently universal and full of wisdom.

Josée (Canada)
How is the divine represented?
The Divine is represented as for any believer whatever he is. GOD is Unique and Universal. For us, it is not a question of a GOD of hatred or anger who would go so far as to deport or even annihilate entire peoples. The Universal GOD in whom we believe is a GOD of peace and love and above all a unifying GOD. In Voodoo, we worship GOD, but we address ourselves more humbly to deities called LOAS who are somewhat the equivalent of the Archangels of the Catholic religion.

Sophie (Canada) What is the role of humans in the world view of Voodoo?
The human is the human. Every man has the right to respect, to his dignity and to his freedom to be. In Voodoo, the human is a little the worker of the invisible forces which govern us all. Humans are mortal. Humans are fragile. People are so diverse… in Voodoo as elsewhere!

Josée (Canada) Are human rights protected?
Being descendants of black slaves, how can we not be for the respect of human rights ??? This question seems very inappropriate.

Sonia (Canada) I would like to know how a Voodoo follower can get his salvation ??

Funny question ?? A Voodoo follower will get his salvation like every believer !! Why would there be a difference ??? There is also a proverb that says: “As you make your bed you go to bed” !! Let’s try to make our bed as comfortable as possible.

Josée (Canada)
What are the beliefs concerning the afterlife for Voodoo?
To answer this question, a simple example emerges: Imagine, your body is a car… the driver of this car is your (unique) mind. When the car is worn out, you put it in a place reserved for this purpose. Of course, you may then leave your car to look for another. In any case, you do not stay in your car when it is put in a junkyard !!
To come back more .. Voodoo, we will say that after life there is death, or maybe it is the life that comes after death that we are perhaps living .. ?? Who can tell …? So we come back to a single maxim: “Know your life and you will know your death”, or the opposite “Know your death and you will know your life …”

Raphaël (France)
I would like some information on Le Roi Exu. What are its powers in Voodoo, and what are its characteristics when summoning it? 
Very common in Brazil, Exú (Eshou) is an Orisha messenger between men and gods, guardian of the street door and crossroads. It is only through him that it is possible to invoke the Orishas. For our part in the Voodoo that we practice, its equivalent is MAIT’CARREFOU or PAPA LEGBA which is, let us remember, a pillar of the Voodoo Cult.

Emilie (France)
I would like to know if we can prevent someone from loving a person or being their best friend? 
To answer your question, yes, Voodoo can make this happen. But ask yourself if this is really reasonable? It is true that Voodoo can bring, within the framework of certain requests, a person towards another, but afterwards? What is going on ? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to give everyone their free will and simply try to assert themselves to this person by their own qualities?

When we talk about Voodoo, how can we believe in something that can destroy us? 
Why did you ask this question while remaining anonymous?

Why would you want Voodoo to destroy you? If you are basing your reasoning on Hollywood alone, then it is imperative to review it. Voodoo means CULT OF SPIRITS in the Fon language (Nigeria). What interest would the SPIRITS of Voodoo have in wanting to destroy those who ask them to honor them for the purpose of accomplishing tasks responding to the most diverse requests for assistance? Of course, Voodoo can destroy, but for there to be this will, it would be necessary to have serious motivations. Except, know all the same that Voodoo has certainly destroyed much less in its history than certain great religions known as from the book… Voodoo has been hunted down, persecuted, banished, destroyed even in places, and held responsible for all the evils of which certain religions refused to be paternity … And yet Voodoo is still there, alive and in good shape !!! In addition, Voodoo does not seek to make the “change of the coin” by decrying this or that other religion, because it accepts all forms of beliefs in its ranks and thus shows a very high tolerance. But perhaps in your question you want to ask what would happen if we attacked Voodoo? Well rest assured, Voodoo doesn’t like to be bothered. It is indeed not customary for Voodoo to “turn the other cheek” when trying to hit it … not anymore. So he defends himself with his own means, and God knows how powerful they are. Can we say in this specific case that it is “bad”? In fact, in the West the notion of good and evil is a purely Judeo-Christian notion while in our opinion, it is up to everyone to assess this notion which alone justified so many massacres in history … and more … in the name of God !!! Perhaps we would say very modestly to conclude; we in Voodoo, we will never seek to destroy those who do nothing to us… !!! in the West the notion of good and evil is a purely Judeo-Christian notion whereas in our opinion, it is up to each one to evaluate this notion which alone justified so many massacres in history … and more. .. in the name of God !!! Perhaps we would say very modestly to conclude; we in Voodoo, we will never seek to destroy those who do nothing to us… !!! in the West the notion of good and evil is a purely Judeo-Christian notion whereas in our opinion, it is up to each one to evaluate this notion which alone justified so many massacres in history … and more. .. in the name of God !!! Perhaps we would say very modestly to conclude; we in Voodoo, we will never seek to destroy those who do nothing to us… !!!

Malumba (Morocco)
Is it true that there are human sacrifices in Voodoo? 
Except in dark Hollywood B-series, we are not aware of human sacrifices in the exercise of the Voodoo cult. We respect a man too much in his dignity to harm his life.

Laurent (France)
After a request for help in Voodoo, through the vow, is it compatible to practice in parallel, another operation of magical spell such as a ritual of black magic, wicca? 
If you have had a wish validated by Voodoo, why not let Voodoo act? For us, the term “black magic” is pure speculation of the European mind. White or black magic do not exist as such or merge into each other. What is GOOD for some may be BAD for others! Who can judge? Yourself maybe. But to answer your question, no,

Laurent (France)
In a love affair, after Voodoo has validated this wish, could it be dangerous, and therefore considered “Betrayal near Voodoo”, to otherwise sexually deceive the person with whom we are? asked to be bound? Yet still not questioning the desire to be “unbound”!

It all depends on how you interpret your behavior in relation to Voodoo. For this question, you may have the answer. It is up to you to manage your love life as you wish… It is not for us to judge your actions. But be careful all the same, when you make a request to Voodoo, you must be very precise and very clear in your request; otherwise Voodoo will answer you in the same way as you interpreted this request.

Geneviève  ( Canada)
Are Voodoo dolls only used for cruel purposes?

Voodoo dolls are originally used to “treat” someone with a disease from a distance. The Voodoo doll is fully initialized in the name of the person to whom it is intended, replacing that same person. The use of a Voodoo doll is not reserved for good or bad… It is a tool, a means, that’s all. Then, the recipient of the doll may be thousands of kilometers from his doll, it does not matter, what will be done on his doll will have its effect on the person. Dolls are also used to protect a person, for example. Thus, those who send evil to a person who will have been protected by us, will have the bad surprise of suddenly seeing the evil sent, turned away from its recipient to focus on its substitution, that is to say its doll. And of course, it is we ourselves who will constitute the welcoming committee of the clumsy or unconscious mesmer.

Chris (Canada)

A VAUDOU GUARD is a materialization which can be very effective of a VAUDOU protection action.
Specific vévés routes generally surround the GARDE VAUDOU. In its center, particular incantations remain there. Often these incantations correspond to the needs of the VAUDOU GUARD (protection etc…)
The paper which supports the VAUDOU GUARD must be made up of vegetable PARCHMENT most of the time.
The set made up of: The vévés – The incantations – The parchment paper support, cause this GUARD to emerge a set of particular vibrations which, together, form the vibration necessary for the accomplishment of the requested act of protection. . He will therefore shine and watch over everything that enters the house in particular (if it is placed in the house).
It is best to get a VAUDOU GUARD in a Hounfor. It will thus be prepared according to the needs of the requesting person.

Sariette (Cameroon)
I have a Voodoo guard. Is it dangerous in the long run? What can I expect from it? Does Voodoo protect the holder of Voodoo custody and up to what level? Is it safe from witchcraft, poisoning, bewitchment?
A Voodoo GUARD can only protect its owner. There is no reason for it to act in ways other than what it was originally intended for. No, it is not dangerous for its original owner.
You can expect GARDE VAUDOU to protect you effectively, especially if it is an extension of work done by Voodoo beforehand. Voodoo protects very effectively those who come to ask for protection and help. The VAUDOU GUARD in this case will be effective when it follows a particular Voodoo work requesting the protection of the applicant. The VAUDOU GUARD alone can be just a lifeless gadget if it is not initialized beforehand. At least that’s what we think.

Sariette Cameroun
After my ceremony with the devotional candles and novena (yellow and green color) with my Voodoo guard will my wishes be fulfilled?
It all depends on how you performed your ritual. Indeed, individuals have the possibility of managing their own rituals adapted to Voodoo, unfortunately, it is often treated in the form of a gadget and inefficient. It is very much preferable to have your ritual initialized with the advice of real Vaudoussi and even better of a Hougan Vaudou or a Mambo. You will then have the certainty that everything will be done according to the rules.
Here at Mandrake Hounfor, we have seen the differences in rituals performed by individuals without guidance and these “almost” same rituals performed under our control by those same individuals. The result is not at all the same of course. In addition, you have to surround yourself with a lot of precautions that everyone does not know how to do, if only to protect yourself against a possible shock in return.
If you have this type of ritual to do, we advise you to contact specialists so as not to go wrong. You can contact the Hounfor de la Mandragore for this, we will be able to advise you.

Rachida France
How to carry a spell on a person so that he loves you lovingly?

There are a bunch of manuals, each more eccentric than the next, which promulgates a bunch of miracle recipes to perform one or another spell. We can only warn you and advise against playing the sorcerer’s apprentice because the returns can be scathing. A spell to bring one person closer to another is easy for a serious practitioner and especially for any Voodoo practitioner. But there are rules that must be observed, because a spell does not come without consequences. There is always a risk of backlash. In addition, we must not forget that after the result, there will be 2 people who will be put together by the will of Voodoo (or others). We know how to put 2 people together, but of course we do not know how to generate love between these 2 beings. The rest depends on how well this new couple manages themselves.

Magali France
How to cast a spell? What are the ingredients and where can I find them?

Casting a spell on a person is an operation that is NEVER without consequences. A spell cast can spoil all or part of a life. Moreover, again, the feedback shock can be in proportion or in disproportion to the action taken. As long as the target person is under the protection of Voodoo or other forces, the return will likely be instantaneous and very brutal. In any case, take the advice of a real professional on the matter, because the consequences can turn out to be too serious and completely overtake you.
Regarding the ingredients, they are diverse and disparate and everything will depend on the method used to perform this spell. Finding these ingredients is one thing, but initializing them will be a whole other problem for the layman. And then, who bakes bread better than a baker? For such serious actions, it is necessary to call on real professionals.

Question from Kaur (Belgium)
How does Voodoo deal with major religions such as Catholicism?

In Voodoo, we have the advantage of being neither sectarian nor racist … We do not claim to evangelize anyone.
We are very tolerant of all religions. Moreover, there are a multitude of trends in Voodoo of which the “catholic” is part.

Question from Kaur (Belgium)
What can the Voodoo cult fear from this modern era?

Voodoo has absolutely nothing to fear from modern times. On the contrary, once again he will adapt to this time and feel very comfortable there. More and more we are consulting Voodoo everywhere and more and more we are asking Voodoo for help.

Question from Malemba (Morocco)
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Voodoo?

The advantages or disadvantages of Voodoo will depend on the nature of your approach with Voodoo.
Man has the particularity of having this freedom of request.
We ask Voodoo, and it is up to you alone to know what the exact nature of your request is.
Let’s say that on this side, Voodoo does not judge the applicant in relation to his request. We carry out the work for him without qualms, after acceptance by the Hougan of course. It is the applicant who will then make the success of his application or not …

Question from Ziou (France)
I already have a Voodoo doll, how can I bewitch it? 
 The best advice we can give you on this point is to drop and place your Voodoo doll as a decoration in your living room … Enchanting a Voodoo doll is not for fun. It is a very serious act by definition. We can indeed make a Voodoo doll for different reasons, the first of which will be to take control of a person by interposed doll spell in order to subject him to the “magic” that will be performed on him. So we can treat a person from a distance but also something else …

Only initiates can claim to use Voodoo dolls, because beware of the shock in return for the unfortunate layman who will have sought only a game through this type of manipulation.

Question from Pascale (Canada)
Has the slave status of black Americans changed Voodoo beliefs? 
On the contrary, black slavery has been turned around using it as a tool to perfect Voodoo. The slaves were thus able to transmit an even stronger and more powerful Voodoo to their descendants. Let us not forget that Voodoo has developed and continues to develop through contact with the different cultures that it encounters during the various changes of black people in particular.

Question from Joany (Canada)
What is the purpose of the Voodoo religion?

The purpose of the Voodoo religion (if one has to be defined) is to allow the Cult of the Spirits (or Cult of the Ancestors) to continue.
The Voodoo religion at its origin was self-proclaimed, by the blacks, RELIGION to face the religions imposed by the colonizers of Africa who later became the slavers. It was necessary to claim a status of RELIGION in opposition to the religions of the slavers. Before, there was no need to say that the practice of Voodoo was a religion; the only Voodoo practice was sufficient in itself in its integrity within the framework of the Cult of the Spirits in osmosis with the Great Architect of the Worlds who is God. When we speak of God, it is not of a god belonging to one religion or another, no, it is about God, the One, the unifying Principle of the worlds.
This is why today, we find in Voodoo various tendencies in the exercise of the Rite which are either Christian, or Moslem, Buddhist or quite simply animist.
Voodoo is a Cult in which men and women of good will meet. While remaining in phase with modernity and the life it engenders, the Vaudoussi believe in God while remaining in harmony with nature, the sky, the seas, fire … life. This is why they will honor the spirits of the ancestors and the god-loa while remaining in tune with God, the one, the only.
We know of course that Voodoo also generates magic of all powers. The use of these famous magics are sometimes used in different rites, but also serve to regulate this or that other requester who has a problem in the way of his destiny. Voodoo will not then modify its destiny, but allow it to adapt it in order to live it more comfortably, we would say.

Question from Joany (Canada)
What is the philosophy of Voodoo?

In Voodoo the only philosophy that we follow is quite simply the philosophy of life and death, this same death being an integral part of life just as life is an integral part of death.
The earth, the sky, the oceans are all elements added to the Voodoo philosophy. Through our incantatory prayers we ask the Spirits of all these elements to intercede with the humans that we are.
For this, we celebrate God and Nature through our gods-loa.
We find this adaptation in particular in the Voodoo calendar.
That being said for the contemplative part of Voodoo. For the Operative part, it is the application of Hautes Traditions de Magies to help seekers find themselves or recover.

Question from Joany (Canada)
What meaning do the members of Voodoo give to their life?

The Vaudoussi live just like everyone else. The small variation is that as a general rule, they know that they live with the invisible and manage to fix their own life in relation to this Cult of the Spirits while remaining faithful to the Cult of the Ancestors …
Then, everything will depend on the life of the Hounfor they depend on.

Question from Jade (France) How does Voodoo compare with other magical traditions such as Kabbalah?

Voodoo comes from an oral culture and not from the “book”. We can thus say that Voodoo certainly has a lot in common with other “magical traditions”.
Note that the exercise of Voodoo is very free according to each Hougan who ensures its continuity. Thus the Kabbalah is often used as part of the exercise of Urban Voodoo in particular!

Question from Kristie (Canada) Can the manifestations of LOAS in ceremony be assimilated to Angels or Archangels?

The correspondence of the Loa can indeed be done with the Angels and the Archangels of the Catholic religion. Note that in Brazilian Voodoo (Santeria) the Saints, Angels and Archangels of the Catholic religion are widely used as Loas with the same equivalences and the same spiritual uses.

Question from Charles (France) Are there Voodoo communities in France? How to contact them?

Yes, there are bound to be Voodoo communities in France. but they are mainly located in overseas territories and overseas territories.
In mainland France, the Hounfor de la Mandragore community (at the origin of this site) is one of the most active.
Note, however, that it will always be quite difficult for the layman to be admitted into any Voodoo community, unless they are accepted as an initiate and accepted by the Hougan of this community.

Question from Aurélie (France) I would like to know if love is stronger than Voodoo?

A very big question … Yes, Love will always remain an extraordinary power in the face of a lot of magic, on the condition that it is of an unequivocal purity or strength of course.
That said, we will modestly say that Voodoo will bow to the force of true Love, but we will also say that Voodoo can possibly bring so-and-so to the other but without creating Love between beings.
The action that will then be taken will be an action of rapprochement and not of influence on feelings.
Actions in bringing together known as “return of affection” are very delicate, because it is not a question of going against the free will of each one. This is why such an action always generates a lot of thought before committing to it. It is the moral responsibility of the Hougan (or the magist in other disciplines) who will take charge.

Question from Fabrice (Belgium) Is VAUDOU dangerous for the layman?

VAUDOU is a power linked to the Cult of Spirits. As such it must indeed be feared. But to fear it does not mean to be afraid of it … Unless you have specific reasons justifying this fear.

VAUDOU will not be more dangerous for a layman than for anyone who seeks to harm Voodoo in one way or another.

On the contrary, the VAUDOU protects his family and all those he recognizes.

The VAUDOU has this possibility of having terrible means for punishments. But these means are only rarely used because they require a justification of the action to punish.

The VAUDOU has the same possibility to do good, to protect and to help those who call upon the Voodoo Forces.

In VAUDOU, the notion of “good or bad” does not exist.
The “good” or the “evil” come from a purely Judeo-Christian conception which often applies in a very hypocritical way.

In VAUDOU it is up to everyone to forge their own conception of good and evil.
It is also true that in VAUDOU, one does not necessarily tend the left cheek after a slap on the right cheek …. The self-defense means of Voodoo are immense it is true.

Question from Wade (Canada) How to make a Voodoo doll?

The design, manufacture and initialization of a Voodoo doll meets very specific criteria within the framework of the exercise of the Voodoo Art and cannot be done by just anyone.

A Voodoo doll can be made of wax or fabrics or even clay or even made from certain woods.
Once the doll has been made materially, the Hougan will integrate ingredients from the person concerned into the doll’s body (photo, nail clippings, pubic or chest hair for men, etc.).
After careful preparation, the doll will then be initialized in the name of the person concerned and it will become that person itself.

The use of the doll will be used by any substitute for the natural person. We can for example bewitch a person by interposed doll to treat him or her from such or such ailment …

Question from Sebas (Canada) What are the main rites and origins of Voodoo?

In fact, the term MACUMBA is used to designate magical religious practices from Africa. Voodoo comes from it directly under the term Vôdù. Different forms and interpretations will divide the practice of Macumba into multiple Voodoo practices wherever there will be a culture resulting from African slaves. The names given to the practice of the rite around the world will be multiple: Macumba, Umbanda, Candomblé, Shango, Quimbanda …

So we can say that what is called Macumba in Brazil, is called Santéria in Cuba or vice versa, or Quimbois in Martinique …

The term VAUDOU will be used in Haiti, the first Black Republic in history. It is only from Haiti that the VAUDOU will be used a little in all sauces and in particular those from Hollywood which will show the VAUDOU as an evil art at will …

We can thus say that the VAUDOU exists under very multiple forms throughout the world and is essentially divided under the aegis of the RADA, PETRO, ZANDOR and ZOBOP Rites …

Question from Hans (Switzerland) Is there a Voodoo calendar?

There is indeed a VAUDOU calendar. It will be adapted according to the regions of Voodoo practice but will remain essentially this one:

January: It is dedicated to the RADA spirits. Those who wish will be dressed in white.

February : It is the cycle of the Congo spirits from Africa.

March: We are entering the Rara era. The Hounfors take to the streets and celebrate the ever-reborn life. It is the period of the Voodoo processions.

April : Cycle of the Ibo spirits. Ceremonies during which the Hounfor jugs are broken and reduced to a fine powder which will be used in the manufacture of certain vévés.

May: May 1 is the festival of buds in Voodoo. Voodoo initiates celebrate nature.

June: This is the start of the Hogou cycle. The night of the Summer Solstice is dedicated to Saint John (very important Saint in Voodoo practiced in Christianized countries). The sacrifice will be a ram.

July: During this month, we continue the Hogou cycle, and sometimes we sacrifice a bull.

August: Celebration of O Dan, Loa particularly important in Voodoo (also called Damballah).

September: Release of the Assotor drums. Symbolic destruction and reconstruction of the temple (Hounfor).

October: We celebrate Aïzan, Loa initiator and protector of the Hounfors.

November: It is the month of the Guédé. To serve them, the Vaudoussi wear black, purple or mauve scarves.

December: This is the month dedicated to the spirits-loa of the PETRO rite. The vaudoussi are dressed in red. This is the month when we prepare the paket’congo. The night of December 24 to 25 (among practitioners marked by Christianity) is the night of the Great Ceremony during which the famous “Bains de Chance” will be given to the faithful.

Question from Brice (France) Are there any books for beginners in Voodoo?

Voodoo is above all a practice of Religion which is transmitted orally, it is not a so-called Book Religion.
It will be very difficult to advise such or such other work on Voodoo for a “beginner”. The best is still to be initiated Voodoo. To do this, you have to contact a Hounfor and ask for an interview with the Hougan so as to show him the strength of the desire to be initiated into Voodoo.

For our part, we have set up this website in order to provide the general public with as complete information as possible. We are aware of the exceptionality of this means, but this site is just made to allow a general public to get a fair idea about Voodoo because this site is made by concerned all Vaudoussi.

Question from Natacha (France) Can Voodoo turn against us?
Why do you want the VAUDOU to turn against you? As a general rule, Voodoo is more used to help applicants who request it. Maybe you mean what is called “the kickback”? In this case, to the extent that the VAUDOU agrees to help you in your life, you will also be protected from the “kickback”. Whatever Voodoo action is taken, there will automatically be extended protection by the Voodoo Guard. As a general rule, we can say that the only ones who have to worry about it will be those who will attack a Voodoo protected …

But beware, Voodoo can turn against an applicant who will have “deceived” and we can then say that it will be a justified return shock. In any case, as long as the request is genuine, there is no reason to fear the Voodoo return shock. One thing is certain, it is that one NEVER deceives Voodoo with impunity and that it is indeed better to be on the “good side” than the bad …

The Spirits of Voodoo are powerful, and they like to be solicited for what they like to do. This is how the Loa help the living. As a general rule, it can be said that it is up to each Hougan to ensure that

Question from Jonathan (Belgium) Is action in Voodoo fast?
Any action by Voodoo is justified by the one who requests it. We cannot give time or space in this kind of request whatever it is.

A Voodoo action is sometimes heavy to launch, but once it’s gone things will be done … God willing … fast enough!

Several parameters come into play: Whether the applicant has good karma; if he is not paying for an action from one of his previous lives; If the “target” is indeed the right “target”; whether the applicant has indeed made a genuine sacrifice in the form of a donation to Voodoo in particular; etc., etc …

It can be said reasonably that nobody can say that an action will be carried out within x time. In this field more than in others, we are not the master of time and even less of the “merchants of illusions”. Things will be done at their own speed. From one identical request to another, the completion times will be different.

As a general rule, what Voodoo begins, it ends, regardless of the duration.

Question from Corine (France) Is Voodoo Art one of the most powerful there is?

We say so. At least it is true that in the field of High Operative Magic, VAUDOU remains one of the most secret Arts and at the same time one of the most powerful. This may be explained by the fact that in VAUDOU, the notion of good and evil does not really exist. Indeed, this notion remains purely Judeo-Christian. Thus in the EGOUNGOUN Rite, the JOUJOU who is one of the most important characters in the EGOUNGOUN Ceremony, symbolizes quite well the power of VAUDOU, because it displays its possibility of doing good as well as its capacity to do evil.
In other contexts of rites, the Hougan plays this role very well.

It is true that having a power as enormous as that of doing both good and evil gives predispositions to fear.

That said, rest assured, nothing is ever done at random, and when there is a punishment launched by the VAUDOU, there are good reasons for it.

Question from Corine (France) Can we really get everything from Voodoo?

It’s quite difficult to answer this question. It is true that everyone would tend to ask “the moon” of VAUDOU.
But to answer this question we will only give one sentence:
“By the Grace of God ” and in this case “God willing …”.
From this answer… yes, everything will be possible… If….

But quite between us, the field of application of requests made to Voodoo is really very wide, and sometimes quite surprising!

Question from Corine (France) Does VAUDOU comply with specific rules?

Yes, the VAUDOU responds to very precise rules which are established well beyond our small earthly life. These rules are general and come to us from our distant ancestors of the YORUBA Country and go back to the dawn of time.

The general rules are in fact simple: VAUDOU is not based on a dualistic conception of the world which would tend to divide it into strictly opposing and controlled poles. For us, heaven and earth, life and death, Spirit and matter have never been considered protagonists. If we look at the Universe, the gods and ancestors clearly exert an influence on the lives of humans. For us, we consider that we can enter into direct communication as well with the spirits of the dead as with the gods (loas) … and of course, these “intermediaries” can transmit our messages to GOD, the One, the Unique, who does not. he is neither the God of Christians or Muslims but the GOD, great architect of the Universe, the One, the Unique, the Universal.

From these rules that we have just listed, we adapt the VAUDOU according to our own sensitivities. Each HOUGAN has his freedom to regulate the Rite of which he will be depositary and guarantor while being the guardian.

Question from Corine (France) Do the possessions of the LOAS during the VAUDOU ceremonies respond to a predefined order?

No, as a rule, LOASs themselves choose who they will ride. This overlap automatically triggers a trance on the part of the vaudoussi that has been chosen. At this time and in certain cases, one can directly question the “overlap”, and through him the LOA which possesses it, to try to have answers on such or such case.

You never know at the start of a ceremony who will or will not be chosen by the LOAS. Being straddled is a good in itself. This type of possession is always momentary and brings enormous good. We can even say that in some cases, this possession by a LOA spiritually (even physically) cleanses the chosen vaudoussi.

Question from Mélanie (Canada)
Can we practice Voodoo even without a family history?

Voodoo is open to everyone, on the condition, however, of fully adhering to it. Let us not forget that Voodoo is above all the Religion of Blacks who take it as a Religion expressing a Culture and not a Religion of the Book like those peddled for the needs of colonization and in particular used to justify the Black Trafficking. at one time.

Voodoo remains the Religion of the Cult of the Ancestors.
This implies that to practice Voodoo yourself, you must already have the basic condiments and you can then use for your request, your own Loa, which can very well be Ancestors who, thus solicited, may not ask. – to be no better than to act to help you. This in no way excludes the solicitation of traditional Loa.

But if you do not have a Voodoo Culture, it would be much more prudent and suitable to call on a Voodoo community of your choice, which will know how to channel your requests according to and in application of the necessary rules of the Art.

We do not believe that Voodoo is a Cult open to all without special knowledge. Voodoo can become a dangerous weapon in the hands of the inexperienced and which, moreover, could turn against the sorcerer’s apprentice who would like to use it without cause or real motivation.

But let’s not forget that Voodoo is a religion of the Heart, and therefore open to all without discrimination, on the condition of having real sincerity in its request.

Question from Annette (Belgium)
DIEU et le VAUDOU! What is it? 
GOD, in Voodoo is and remains the Key Element for the exercise of Voodoo. GOD is not the “property” of a group or of another religious group of whatever origins he may have. GOD is Universal and is in each of us, even if we talk about it in so different ways sometimes. You don’t need to have a clear conscience to talk about GOD, it is simply a matter of being in “your own truth” in relation to Him.

Each ceremony begins with a placing in the presence of GOD. Only then will we be able to begin to call on our LOAS to act as the intermediary necessary for the proper conduct of the Ceremony.

GOD, Grand Architect of the Universe,  is and remains the unifying element of all our Cults, regardless of the religion of the Hougan who will exercise or his assistants or even his Voodooists.

We are all subject to GOD at some point in our existence. We will therefore speak of a single universal language towards the Creator.

For my part, I have a customary habit, after an action carried out on behalf of a plaintiff, to ask the latter to never forget to go to a place of worship of his choice (church, temple, synagogue, mosque …) and place a candle there when possible, but above all not to forget a prayer of your choice to GOD in gratitude for the action undertaken, even if this action has not yet been completed.

Question from Claudine (Canada) Does the Voodoo religion exist?

The very principle of RELIGION being to “connect” its followers and the community they form to the powers of an invisible or supernatural world, this is what Voodoo strives to do.
The means by which this putting in communication of the visible with the invisible is carried out is prayer in incantatory form as in any religion.
The Vaudoussi indeed feel the need to turn to the Voodoo deities, for a kind of exchange, to a power which is close or transcendent to them, but always present.

These states of spoken or silent incantatory prayer can bring the Vaudoussi naturally into a trance. This trance which is also found, sometimes in different but similar forms, in many religions and in particular in the three great monotheistic religions which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

By taking all these elements into consideration, we therefore consider that Voodoo is indeed a RELIGION since our Cult uses it to link men with the spiritual. But the Voodoo religion does not recognize any dogma.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that it is perhaps THE religion of the blacks of Africa in opposition, some would say, with the great monotheistic religions.

Thus, while keeping secret the large part reserved for Voodoo initiates on our rites, Voodoo remains very open to the world, since it draws its spiritual essence from multiple esoteric cultures around the world, which allows it to intervene for very diverse applicants from all social and cultural backgrounds. The Voodoo religion is in perpetual spiritual mutation, which is its strength and power.

Yes, we can say it: Voodoo is a Religion, but not in the dogmatic sense of the term. There is no such thing as a Voodoo “Pope”. Voodoo is not a religion as they are defined in general rules. Voodoo is above all not a Religion of the Book, it is a Cult, a sacred Cult of course, but without sacred writings. Voodoo is an oral culture passed down through the centuries by our ancestors. There is no such thing as a god of Voodoo, but we work our prayers and actions towards the GOD founder of the Universe, the One, the Unique. In Voodoo we do not address God directly (perhaps for the sake of humility unlike Christians …),

The LOAS are in a way the equivalent of the Archangels in the Catholic religion. In Voodoo, all religions are accepted without any difficulty, the religion of each one remains only a detail on which we do not usually dwell.

For example, in our Hounfor, the celebration of Worship is done with a mix which is as well of skin color as of various religions. La Confiance Caye (see the Voodoo Pantheon on the site) is Protestant, the main assistants are Muslims and the Hougan is of Catholic origin.

Some Voodoo detractors have said that Voodoo is a religion of evil …!?. It would seem that this claim would in fact come from the systematic “witch hunt” orchestrated by Catholics during the days of colonization and catholization all the way, by asserting that everything that was not Catholic was ” in sin ”and therefore could only be a supporter of evil in its most diverse forms.
It is useful to note that the Catholic religion of the time could not admit that there could exist other religions than itself. I think Muslims did the same in their day as well. Let us not forget that the 2 great religious poles known to this day which are the Muslims and the Christians are new religions, recent one could say, and moreover quite intolerant towards the older Religions in particular towards Voodoo.

Faced with the extent of Voodoo in its most varied forms in Africa and the Caribbean Islands, it was in fact becoming a serious “competitor” for the Catholic religion and the State (the two being closely linked at the time. ). However, today we can say that there are roughly at the origin of Voodoo 3 main main elements that made it its form that we know today, then come secondary elements:

1 – The Great Traditional African ancestral Magic Medicines,
2 – The Great Egyptian Civilizations,
3 – The beliefs of medieval Europe brought with the “colonization evangelization” by the missionaries.

We mix these 3 elements and we have the Voodoo of today, which will be continuously enriched by all the esoteric culture that it will meet during its adaptation in the different countries that it will cross through the displacement of African populations. in the different countries of the world. In summary, we can say that the Voodoo Religion has been enriched by all these esoteric cultures and which go for the most part in the same direction, to help the applicant who comes humbly to express a wish.

And then, we have the custom of saying… to the Grace of God !!

Question from Claudine (Canada)
In which country is voodoo most present?

We will have a hard time answering this question, because it is impossible to quantify the number of Hounfors and even less the number of Voodooists in the world.

Each Hounfor being independent, we will therefore not be able to come forward on a figure that can only be wrong.

Voodoo is practiced all over the world, but cannot be listed because of its independence. In addition, there are practically as many Voodoo as there are Hougan, one might say… But there is still the same common thread which unites all the Voodoo in the world towards one and the same direction.

For example, in our small community (Hounfor near Alençon) here in France, we are a hundred or so Voodooists from all over Europe. How many Voodooists in another Hounfor? We cannot know precisely.

One thing is certain, Voodoo is practiced all over the world, even if it takes a little different forms in places. In Brazil, it’s SANTERIA, in Cuba it’s MACUMBA, etc …

In each place where Voodoo is practiced, the rules are specific to the Hougan who is in charge of them.

Question from Nadège (France)
Are there many Vaudouïsants in the world?

We will have a hard time answering this question, because it is impossible to quantify the number of Hounfors and even less the number of Voodooists in the world.
Each Hounfor being independent, we will therefore not be able to come forward on a figure that can only be wrong.

Voodoo is practiced all over the world, but cannot be listed because of its independence. In addition, there are practically as many Voodoo as there are Hougans, one might say… But there is still the same common thread that unites all the Voodoo in the world towards one and the same direction.

For example, in our community (Hounfor near Alençon) here in France, we are a hundred or so Voodooists. How many Voodooists in another Hounfor? We cannot know precisely.

In some places or countries, Voodoo is part of the local culture, so of course Voodooists will be much more numerous. This is the case in Haiti in particular, Cuba and Brazil.

Question from Peter (USA)
Who is the Founder of Voodoo?

In Voodoo, there is no “founder”. Let’s not forget that the word VAUDOU comes from VAUDOUM, which in “Fon” means “Cult of Spirits”, so starting from this simple fact, how could we say that such is the origin of the Cult of Spirits?

Voodoo is a Cult which is exercised according to the rules dictated by each Hougan on which each Hounfor depends. We can at most say that such Hougan is the founder of his Hounfor (unless he inherited it), but that’s all!

The only unifying principle of Voodoo in force is submission to GOD and respect for the cult of LOAS !!!

Question from Josianne (Canada)
Are there any sacred writings? And if so what are they?
In this area, let’s not forget that we are part of an oral culture, passed down orally by our ancestors since the dawn of time.

So of course, there is a rich documentation on Voodoo, (it sells it seems), but I cannot recommend you enough as a reading because there will be as many versions of Voodoo as there will be perhaps d ‘works on this same Voodoo …

However, the advice that I can allow myself in this matter is to summarize most of these works, i.e. to take a sentence in one then in the other, then again in the other. …

Otherwise, if there are sacred writings used in Voodoo, it could quite simply be the Bible with in particular the psalms of David for some Hougans, which is the case for the rites practiced in Voodoo communities with a Catholic tendency. ..

Indeed, Kabbalah plays an important role in the form of Urban Voodoo that I practice in my Hounfor.

Question from Pascal (Switzerland)
What do you think of life after death? Is there something after?

It’s simple, let’s imagine, a car, the driver of this car is you. When your car stops working, do you scrap it? And of course you do not stay in the carcass of your car, you will look for another one to keep moving.

The car is your body, the driver is your mind. It is true that we need a car to evolve in our path of life, even if we need several cars to reach the end, that is to say to be able to evolve without a car in the astral .

In short, this is how I show you our way of seeing things by simply accepting life after death.
We are part of a cycle that is endlessly renewed by reincarnating our spirit into a new body until the culmination of our spiritual life. From this moment we no longer need a body to evolve in the spiritual world and our spirit is enough then.

Question from Isa (West Indies)
What about the use of spirits of the dead in Voodoo?

Death is an integral part of the exercise of the Voodoo cult.
Voodoo Art allows us to use the spirits of the dead to carry out certain works, under the control of the LOAS. It is a form of zombieisation of the mind that we will put at our service for the realization of what we have to do in the Voodoo framework. In this case, of course, the spirit of the deceased thus captured is not chosen at random, the context is located in a very specific social domain of punishment in particular.

In Voodoo we are used to rubbing shoulders with the spirits of the dead in our daily lives, without giving in to the spectacular.
Death is an integral part of life. No life without death, no death without life. So death is kind of our partner.

Question from Didoue (France)
Voodoo uses dolls that he stings?

Yes, the use of dolls (dagydes) is in effect in the practice of Voodoo.
Originally, dolls were used to heal people from a distance without their presence.
These dolls have always been used in many High Magics.

The principle is simple; it’s about shaping a reproduction of the target person with elements of that person. Then it will be “baptized” with the desired name and it will be used to perform the “work” on the target person.

For example ; A person suffers attacks of a “paranormal” nature or is quite simply “ambushed” by a sorcerer commissioned by a third party. The making of the doll will be carried out according to the rules of the Art, then the latter becomes a derivative of attacks. That is to say that the attacks made against the person in question will automatically be diverted from their supposed target to arrive on the doll which will have taken the place of this targeted person.
From this moment, it is the VAUDOU which receives this attack and which acts accordingly.

The doll remains one of the bases of the VAUDOU Art exercise … And it is so effective …


Question from Jean-François (Montreal)
What is Voodoo’s official position there regarding:
a) contraception b) abortion c) divorce / separation d) homosexuality

In Voodoo, there is NOT ONE official position of a sectarian or other nature concerning these great societal problems to which you refer. We’ll just give you our point of view.

a) contraception
Regarding contraception, everything depends on whether one places oneself in a structure corresponding to such and such a culture or such another culture.
We do not have general “guidelines” on this point. Each vaudoussi can talk about these things with his Hougan (Voodoo Priest) and an answer will be adapted to each case. Especially since in Voodoo, we welcome people from very varied cultural and religious origins and as such, we always remain very respectful of each person’s sensibilities. And concerning more particularly contraception everything depends on the vision that the person concerned by this has of life.

b) abortion
Abortion is perhaps a more sensitive point. We must assume our destiny, and sometimes whatever it is. What God gives us, we must accept. That said, once again, the vaudoussi who will address his Hougan will receive an answer adapted to the sensitivity of this same Hougan. This answer can also vary according to the different sensibilities of each Hougan.

c) divorce / separation
In each Hounfor, couples who have trouble getting along come to consult the Hougan. The latter will do everything to try to reconcile his Vaudoussi. If reconciliation cannot be achieved, then the couple will be asked to attempt a de facto separation under the control of the Hougan. Everyone will then have to report their situation to the Hougan. Each must continue to respect the other during this ordeal. After a certain time (sometimes several years), the couple returns to the Hougan again and is then caught between the Hougan and the couple, either the decision to separate (divorce) or to reconcile the couple with recovery. of common life.

d) homosexuality
In Voodoo society, homosexuality means nothing to us. We are discovering this state of affairs in European civilizations. This state of affairs leads us to be tolerant of everyone, regardless of their religion, gender or political affiliation. From this reasoning we have said everything.
A homosexual person who comes to ask for help and assistance from Voodoo is a person that we will welcome in its own right without any prejudice. The prejudices of racism in particular have done enough harm to black people that we have not learned the proper lessons.
Voodoo itself has long been set apart by some of the major European and Eastern religions. We will strive, God forbid,  not to fall into the same reductive clichés.

Question from Jean-François (Montreal)
Make a “synthesis” of the convergent and divergent points with the Roman Catholic tradition!

There is a single point of convergence between Voodoo and the Roman Catholic religion, it is GOD!
But the GOD to whom we submit is neither a private property god belonging to this or that other group of thought, it is the universal GOD, who is the only great architect of the Universe.
The divergent points between Voodoo and the Roman Catholic religion are perhaps TOLERANCE. Indeed, in Voodoo we respect everyone’s beliefs and above all we have never imposed a Voodoo or other membership on anyone. Everyone here remains free of choice and above all, each Vaudoussi is supposed to respect the other.
In Voodoo when we speak of TOLERANCE, it is also to say that we do not pretend to have THE truth, but perhaps a bit of truth in the exercise of our worship in particular and in our daily life.

Question from Isa (England)
How many God is there in your religion … ??

We only know one GOD. In addition, we use entities called LOAS as part of the exercise of Voodoo. Some will say that the LOAS are gods in the sense of “higher spirits” but without any relation to GOD the only one.


Question from Alexandra (country unknown)
What exactly is a zombie? Do they really exist?

Zombies are an integral part of Voodoo legends, especially Haitians. Before, in Haiti in particular, when a person had hurt other people, we would go to see the Hougan of the sector and he would arrange to have the intriguing face cast. a very special powder. The schemer was going home and was systematically suffering from discomfort and nothing could be done for him. His death noted, he was buried very quickly. At night, assistants from the local Hougan would come and dig up the body and bring it back to life with some special potions. But the person having stayed in the earth without oxygen for a certain time, we could not restore all his faculties. So we had to hide it because it was used to serve the Hougan or other of his proteges by working his land in particular. The Risen One had become a zombie, a sort of undead. In other forms of Voodoo, in particular with tendencies of African origin (which is the case of the Voodoo that we exercise in the Hounfor of the Mandragore), the zombie is in fact the soul of the dead that we will use to perform specific tasks. The spirit of the deceased thus captured by a Hougan becomes the latter’s zombie and will do whatever the Hougan asks of it.  Voodoo indeed has this ability to master the souls of the dead, both to help them “climb” and to use them to accomplish certain tasks necessary for Voodoo.

Question from Karine (Algeria)
What is Voodoo in reality? A plant ? A wizard ?

The term VAUDOU means: Cult of Spirits. Voodoo is not a plant but uses many different plants to make its famous Voodoo powders. The term “sorcerer” in Voodoo is only used in certain rites, in particular among the egougounes of Benin. The sorcerer becomes in this case, one of the components of the rite. He is one of the participants, one of the Hougan’s assistants and has a well-defined role, that of chastising.

Question from Andréa (New Caledonia)
Is Voodoo just magic?

Regarding magic, we use the esoteric forces that surround us, so to use the term in its western expression, yes we practice magic. But it is neither a white magic, nor a black magic, this notion being particularly unknown to us. The notion of good and evil is and remains a purely Judeo-Christian notion which is very difficult to define. Who is in the good? Who is in the wrong? When we do someone good, maybe we are hurting someone else? We use in Voodoo the subtle energies and volitive waves through the form waves which work in the vibratory form. Everything is vibration, it’s all about finding the right frequency, that’s what we strive to do.  In fact, these methods join all the forms of exploitation of the esotericism in all the religions whatever they are. A simple prayer is at its origin an incantation intended to reach certain forms, certain vibratory levels.

Question from Sarah (France)
Can we have a person using Voodoo?

What do you mean by these terms?
The practice of Voodoo can indeed influence goods and people. It all depends on the request made. It is true that Voodoo performs quite spectacular tasks at times. These actions take on Voodoo power that no longer needs to be proven.

Question from Winona (France)
Can a person practicing white magic learn Voodoo?

Of course, anyone who has the ability and the will can approach Voodoo, provided they are accepted, however. The magic we use allies with the esoteric forces around us, so to use the term in its western expression, yes we do practice magic. But it is neither a white magic, nor a black magic, this notion being particularly unknown to us. The notion of good and evil is and remains a purely Judeo-Christian notion which is very difficult to define. Who is in the good? Who is in the wrong? When we do someone good, maybe we are hurting someone else? We use in Voodoo the subtle energies and volitive waves through the form waves which work in the vibratory form. Everything is vibration, it’s all about finding the right frequency, that’s what we strive to do.  In fact, these methods join all forms of exploitation of esotericism in ALL religions. A simple prayer is at its origin an incantation intended to reach certain forms, certain vibratory levels.