The Big Magic Baths of Vaudou

The famous Grands Bains Vaudou come from the great Haitian and African Voodoo traditions.
Each Grand Bain is initialized by the Hougan of the Hounfor de la Mandragore for the person who requests it. Some Large Baths are specially composed for specific requests and require a longer preparation time. These are the “other Great Baths”. The compositions of these Grands Bains, kept secret since the dawn of time, are designed to improve the well-being of those who request them from Voodoo.
Let us not forget that, far from the clichés of black magic to which voodoo is often a victim, these Grands Bains Vaudou bring a little happiness to which everyone is entitled.
Of course, this does not take away the part of destiny to be fulfilled from each, but can, thanks to voodoo, allow it to be clearly improved.

Bath of Strength and Vigor

Composed of 7 large Haitian baths and prepared during a full moon ceremony, this Voodoo Powder Bath allows you to make your will heard. It thus makes it possible to command both men and women so as to make them undertake what you want. Any obstacles that stand in front of you will explode on their own. It is even said that no one will dare to contradict you, because you will be too powerful thanks to this bath which gives you an energy which emerges with force through you. From these facts, you will be admired and respected.

Bath of love and pleasure

This Great Magic Bath includes 7 Mixtures of Haitian Powders initialized in a voodoo ceremony that takes place in the rising Moon. It allows people who feel rejected, alone or desperate, to find or rediscover love in a minimum of time.
Thus, during each meeting, you will be greeted with kindness and, even more spectacularly, your environment of friends will expand very quickly. You become interesting in the eyes of others. The close friends are pressing around you as you approach.
We listen to you attentively and a certain spontaneity is forming around you. You can decide according to your wishes to bring the person of your choice near you only by the only force of your thought. With this Big Bath, you charm, you breathe luck.

Pure Chance Bath

The composition of this Great Bath of Luck is held in the secret of 7 other Voodoo mixtures initiated, like the other baths, during a Voodoo ceremony in the rising Moon. It brings real pure luck, a kind of nod to fate.
Be careful, this is not about winning the lottery (although …), but rather about living better by watching events unfold in front of you. However, one thing is certain, if the need is certain, this Great Bath provides a will to win on the condition of wanting it and especially believing in it.
The victory is necessarily at the end of the path of the bather. This victory will benefit only him alone, in a selfish way. Nothing will resist him: – various causes – trial – work – It is victory in general.
Luck will be so insolent that it is important not to forget to give thanks according to your own beliefs in the cult of your choice.

Quiet Bath

The 7 mixtures of large Haitian powders that make up this large Bath are made of both plant and organic elements. The initiation of this Great Voodoo Bath will take place during a Full Moon ceremony. This Big Bath among the Greats chases away the bad luck that sticks to you without really knowing why … (Voodoo knows it!). This Bath thus provides a great tranquility of the soul by driving far away the evil spirits and the spells that disturb you. It brings strength and the great protection of Voodoo. So, in your everyday social life, you will automatically feel much stronger, supported by unwavering courage and will.
You will repel the destructive larvae and feel the plots against you break down!
This Big Bath is one of the best ways to start a new, completely different life.

The other Grands Bains

Other Grands Bains exist and are adapted according to the specific situation of each one. The HOUGAN will be able to adapt and find the right mixture for each case submitted to it. The compositions of these baths remain one of the jealously guarded secrets of Voodoo but are incredibly effective.
Do not hesitate to submit your problem, and you will be given advice on the right bath and the right action to take to break this obstacle.