Ritual Candles

The meaning of colors

White Brings purity – Sincerity and truth – Also used for the deceased and spirituality in general.
Light blue Promotes reviews and financial businesses.
Good protection in general.
Royal blue Winning a lawsuit – Getting administrative matters right – Success in your businesses – Seizing the chance – promotes strength.
Grey Stops and neutralizes evil.
Yellow Appeal to Faith – Glory – Thought Strength – Accelerated Healing – Support job searches.
Brown Attracts prosperity, property and money – Also used in the search for lost items.
Black Condens Evil – Also used to communicate with the dead or to ward off an enemy.
But beware, dangerous use for an amateur.
Orange Luck, Success – Attracts the esteem of others, as well as popularity and cheerfulness.
Parma Used for exorcisms. Promotes and accelerates the results of actions undertaken in High Magic.
Purple Gives power and power – Breaks down the harmful situations of the entourage.
Red Passion, courage, sexuality, strength and health.
Also used for love (marriage).
Pink Solve Emotional, Love Problems – Used for returning affection.
Light green Supports business success.
Dark green Promotes business success.
Violet Promotes all procedures. Can also be used for health problems.
Silver Strengthen any request with prayer.
Gold Universal protection spark plug, can replace all others.