Donations to Vaudou

Money, the sinews of war they say … It is certainly true, but in this domain which touches the spiritual by the High Magic that is the VAUDOU, the money can only circulate to make function the ‘action and that’s it. No need for huge sums to be entitled to the exercise of VAUDOU. Participation is certainly requested, but at the fair value of what must be accomplished and within the means of the applicants.

Anyone can appeal to VAUDOU as long as their request is accepted by HOUGAN. The fact of being wealthy or not cannot be taken into consideration. It even seems rather that VAUDOU is traditionally the magic of the poor as well as the rich.

Yet you should know all the same that VAUDOU is ALWAYS paid .
Why ? Quite simply because each request made to VAUDOU must be motivated by a return from the requester. ” I ask that, in exchange I give that! “, And it has worked like this since the dawn of time. The applicant must assess his request himself (apart from the costs incurred by the officers). This is why we can say that if he decides to pay the VAUDOU in monkey money, he will have an answer from the VAUDOU in monkey money, up to the estimate he himself will have made.

Of course, there is no pre-defined type of payment in the VAUDOU, the money in the form we know today was not the current exchange value in the VOODOO. The plaintiff ALWAYS had to pay, but he did so with what represents for him a real exchange value (chickens, pigs, a field, a house … the list would be long).

As part of the VAUDOU exercise, money must indeed circulate and above all not be used for speculation. We need money to buy the basic elements which will serve us in particular to make the famous High Magic compositions for the “baths” and other powders or compositions of particular essences which are specific to the VAUDOU Art. Among the basic elements used as part of the VAUDOU, some cost a small fortune because they are rare and difficult to obtain.

It is the money brought by those who make the requests to VAUDOU that will be used to cover these costs. We can say that money is in fact energy which must be used like everything else . Each of the applicants will thus know how much they will have to give to VAUDOU according to the value they estimate regarding the VAUDOU action they are waiting for.

Certain confreres, practicing Magic as independents, handle colossal sums of money. We will not pass judgment on this because it is by no means our role. Indeed, each one sees how he must operate his ” shop “. Besides on this point, just to give an opinion, the true from the fake are quite easily differentiated, if only by their “advertising budget”. Indeed, in general the “real” do not need advertising in the newspapers to make themselves known. The “word of mouth” remains the surest way not to be mistaken … There is always someone who has dealt with so and so and who will make it known to another so and so.

For our association, the contribution of money made to us must be as transparent as possible.

For our part, it is true that since we opened the HOUNFOR of MANDRAGORE to the public, we come to see us from all over Europe and this, only by the: ” I heard about you. ..! “. And yet, we have never put a dime in touting publicity in any newspaper … Proof if it is necessary that the reputation comes only on the results and the charisma which one shows in the exercise of VAUDOU Art as we practice it.


We exercise VAUDOU ART within the framework of the Mandragore Energie association for the Development of Traditions and Voodoo Cult  (MEDCTV). This means that we have the operating constraints common to all associations.

The money we receive is distributed as follows:

On what you donate:

3.60% go to permanent salaries (minimum minimum wage),
10.30% go to the payment of rents and various charges of the association,
27.80% go to the various expenses of assistants MAMBOS or Priests for the ceremonies (they sometimes come from very far),
9.70% go to association activities and services,
48.60% go to the purchase of various ingredients for the manufacture of the various products used in VAUDOU (powders, baths, essences, etc.).