Can VAUDOU Help You?

How Can VAUDOU Help You?

The VOODOO can help you in many forms since its limitations are great.
Here is an indication of the nature of the interventions that we perform at Hounfor de la Mandragore:

VAUDOU SERVICE This is an action that can last, depending on the option chosen, up to 90 or 120 days.
The service is always carried out under the direction of the Hougan of Hounfor de la Mandragore. It is the most complete and powerful Voodoo action formula since this action will be studied and initiated by the Grand College of Priests according to very specific Voodoo rules and can include several large ceremonies if necessary. Voodoo doll initializations can be included as needed.

is a Voodoo Action launched by a ritual that will take place from 7 to 9 days. Voodoo doll initializations can be included as needed. SIMPLIFIED RITUAL These are the requests initiated in the form of a targeted Voodoo ritual that will last approximately 72 hours. This formula is set up by one of the priests of Hounfor In this type of ritual there is no conception of a Voodoo doll.


One of the VAUDOU assistance which is among the most popular, is still VAUDOU PROTECTION .
How does this protection materialize?
You will discreetly wear a protective talisman that has been initialized by a HOUGAN in a HOUNFOR. This form of PROTECTION can also exist in the form of a VAUDOU GUARD VAUDOU GUARDS are found in the specialized trade, but without the initialization of this GUARD by a HOUGAN, we do not see very well how it can act).

This talisman, well prepared, will have positive effects inevitably on the natural course of your life.
Among the holders of this PROTECTION VAUDOU we have often noticed changes in professional situation in the right direction, changes in current family life or other, unsuspected predispositions that emerge, a change in attitude of relatives or less loved ones, and above all a new way of seeing and living life !!

The success of these VAUDOU PROTECTIONSis also recognized by “securers”, seers, astrologers, parapsychologists or sorcerers who make use of it largely justified by the risks incurred by their profession.

Others, particularly in the entertainment industry, are also very fond of this type of Voodoo protection.

Obviously, this protection will not have the same effect if your case concerns a VAUDOU action in release for example. In fact, in this case, it will first be necessary to carry out the clearance work before wearing the VAUDOU PROTECTION .
This work is carried out very well in a HOUNFOR under the aegis of a HOUGAN .

Other effective forms of help from VAUDOU performed by appropriate Ceremonies will be for example:
– Disenchantment (insofar as it turns out to be necessary and essential ),
– The counter spell ( once removed, it is necessary to prevent it from coming back ),
– The occult protection ( which we spoke about above ),
– The restoration of financial situation, moral, family, professional ( within the limit of a truly justified request ),
– The return of affection (on the condition of being honest in his request and where there is a genuinely motivated desire and sincerity to find or prevent his spouse from leaving as part of a legitimate request ).

In some cases, the Applicant’s presence at their Ceremony will be necessary while in other cases it will not be.
In all cases, the result of the action depends on the motivation of the applicant and the acceptance by the Spirits of Voodoo. Applications can be formulated in the context of different types of Voodoo actions as proposed above by SERVICES VOODOO or RITUALS …

At HOUNFOR de la MANDRAGORE , these different cases are treated with great respect for traditions and with proven charisma and efficiency.

At least one VAUDOU ceremony takes place at HOUNFOR de la MANDRAGORE each month . To request an ACTION in CEREMONIE VAUDOU , it is advisable to register at least 1 to 3 months before. Regarding the financial aspect of the offerings, it is recommended to read on this site: Le Vaudou and L’argent , which will give you a fairly precise idea of ​​the idea that one makes of money in the VAUDOU.

The Organization of the Vaudou Religion

The guests Only the HOUGAN, or by delegation of persons specially appointed by him, has the power to invite the persons he deems fit to attend a ceremony.
1 The VAUDOUISANTS It is for them, for their request that the ceremony is done. Requests are made in all areas Any request is submitted to HOUGAN and must be accepted by it.
1st degree
These are people in search of spirituality who come to seek an answer from Voodoo and Voodoo. There are also former Voodooists among them who have chosen to convert to Voodoo while keeping their own religion of origin of course.
All participate in the ceremonies.
They themselves become Voodoo after a more or less long period of learning which can only begin after the passage to the second degree by which he becomes HOUNSI BOSSALES.
This is the 2nd  level of initiation.
To access this degree, one must have a proven track record of hounsi in the recognition of wisdom and knowledge.
Once their passage to the second degree has been recognized, the hounsi then become real Voodoo apprentices. They will begin to accumulate knowledge which will be very useful to them for the passage to the rise towards the other levels of the Voodoo pantheon of the Hounfor of the Mandrake. They participate in the daily maintenance of the Hounfor.
They can then share their own experience with newcomers to Voodoo, thus being able to provide support to each member of the Voodoo community.
They will ensure the proper installation of Voodoo people while providing them with the first supports, without knowing however the personal request justifying the approach to Voodoo of these applicants.
placed under Hogou shango
It is an initiated warrior HOUNSI who is responsible for ensuring that no layman comes to disturb the smooth running of the ceremony. It is the warrior who, while being armed with his traditional machete and under the protection of Hogou Shango, preserves the entrance of Hounfor from any external intrusion. He thus has the power to prevent someone from entering if he feels a danger to the Hounfor. Likewise, he or she will be able to put in complete insecurity whoever tries to disturb the tranquility of the place.
It is also he who will accompany the Hougan when he comes to the Hounfor by opening the road for him.
5 MEDIUM This is the MEDIUM or MEDIUM of the ceremony. The HOUGAN appeals to him or her when he or she needs his help for the regulation of the spiritual forces which will be called upon during the Rite, apart from the intervention of the LOAS of course.
These are Hounsi priests who will help the ceremony go smoothly while making the drum speak. It is they who allow a balance of forces in the Hounfor during the exercise of the Rite. These are the regulators, always in contact with the HOUGAN or the other PRIESTS.
They are hounsi who have the priesthood. They are very close to HOUGAN. They have an initiation level which allows them to officiate with or as a replacement for the HOUGAN. They can give spiritual advice to applicants and can above all exercise the Voodoo rite with the agreement of HOUGAN. 
8 The
He is the Master of Ceremonies. She is a woman, she is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the ceremony in all its details. She is the direct assistant of the Master of HOUNFOR. She is a Priestess who, without holding the “secret”, has acquired by her constant presence a great deal of knowledge and knows many secrets. It is always to her that the HOUGAN will first ask for her opinion on all the problems which interest the VAUDOU community of this HOUNFOR . It is the Mum or the Mum  of this same community.  It is she that the faithful contact when they cannot reach the HOUGAN. It is also she who takes care of the problems of stewardship and organization. She is the first interlocutor and confidant of all the practitioners of Hounfor.
The 1st officiant
He is the High Priest of Hounfor, he is its Master and Guide. He alone has the control, as well as the charge of the organization, the direction, and the conduct of the rite. Besides, it is customary to say that it is the rite. The Hounfor and the Hougan are one and indivisible!
Its power is essentially spiritual, but it is so powerful, so freely accepted that the boundaries between spiritual power and temporal power are blurred. In fact, it is about a reign known as ” By the Grace of God! ” Or rather, we should say more modestly: “By the will of the Spirits ! “
This load can very well be held by a woman, in this case, it will be a MAMBO. She will have exactly the same powers as the HOUGAN without distinction.
In general, despite all the powers he holds, the Hougan remains a very simple man and very close to the Vaudoussi.
The Grand College of Voodoo Priests The Grand College of Priests of Hounfor de la Mandragore is made up of members of the Pantheon from level 7 to 9, unless otherwise granted by the Hougan.
The Grand College of Priests is a Council of Sages made up of the Grand Initiates of Hounfor de la Mandragore, all Voodoo priests. Their role is to examine the contents and spiritual container of each person submitted to the Council. They have the possibility of entering completely in this person, in  order to detect there any evil, and its possibility of remedy. They thus get to the heart of the problem exposed by this person.
With the help of the Loa, they evaluate, judge, gauge, decide and apply !! Their decisions remain secret and are generally not disclosed unless the Hougan advises otherwise.
In the VAUDOU, each rite and organization chart linked to this rite is adapted to each HOUNFOR
and it is only the HOUGAN, with the help of the LOAS, which determines the organization which will be
applicable in its HOUNFOR. From this organization will be born a pantheon which will
determine the different levels as presented here, in
accordance with the organization of our HOUGAN.