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What Can VAUDOU Do For You?

Voodoo is a cult that can only be experienced within oneself, independent of any sectarian influence or of any other nature from whatever source … To live it is to awaken the Ancestors to our own well-being!

Although often misunderstood by Westerners, Voodoo (also called: vodû, voodoo, voodum, vôdoom, vudû) that we practice at the Hounfor de la Mandragore falls into the category of URBAN VAUDOU, which holds both Macumba rites, Shango, Candomblè, Santéria, Quimbois… all coming from Traditional Voodoo, better known under the term FETICHES in Africa. Thus, we were able to see that the more we sought to adapt a certain modernity to live with our time, the closer we came to the great traditions of our ancestors as they are practiced and were practiced on our original Mother Earth. : AFRICA !!!

No offense to some, it is not because this cult is practiced especially in Afro-Cuban-West Indian circles that it should be assimilated to “black magic” !!!!!

Far from being closed in on ourselves, as an opening to the world, we have created an association to allow those who wish to approach Voodoo in its most subtle forms, to contact us and, why not to to be accepted among us in order to share with us the Rite of our Ancestors, in a Universal way whatever the religion of each one, while taking as a fundamental principle that Voodoo is of course not a sect, since it is experienced in itself for each one in a very personal way.

Everyone can experience their Voodoo where they are, with if they wish, the spiritual support of the Hounfor on which they depend. As such we recognize today voodoo as a religion in its own right, even if everyone here can keep their own religion of origin … This is called tolerance !! 

The VAUDOU is an enormous power it is true, but it is above all an extraordinary vehicle to live its own spirituality while having the power to remove its enemies and to favor its destiny towards a clearer path.

At Hounfor de la Mandragore, we put the Power of Voodoo Art at the service of those who submit their request to us and whom we accept. Each request to Voodoo is treated according to the convictions of the requester and according to what he has in his deep “inner self”. The result he will expect will be that of his own reflection in the mirror, plus the famous voodoo know-how!

The Hounfor of the Mandrake you will be able to benefit from the spiritual assistance of the forces present in this High Place of Voodoo Worship to ask to solve some of your problems of the life and why not to succeed in your social, emotional, business or even life. .. Politics !! You will be able to work on the causes of your failures and future successes while finding all or part of the alternatives of your destiny.

In our Hounfor, we don’t just handle the famous voodoo dolls, we act for the good of all … at least, we hope so!

The Hounfor de la Mandragore, based in France, receives Voodoo Service requests from all over Europe, Africa, the West Indies, Canada, the USA … 

Those who frequent Clairvoyance sites or who are interested in astrology, spiritualism or esotericism in general will find their little happiness in this site.

Let us also note that in voodoo, even if some laymen liken it to witchcraft, the voodoo action remains an action which, far from being occult as some think, is nonetheless effective … quite the contrary ! 

Contrary to popular belief, all classes and social categories can easily access VAUDOU.

We Can Help With.....

Voodoo Consultation
Situation Recovery – Work – Business – Love
Voodoo Protection
Getting out of Your Depression
Clearance of Bad Vibes, Bad Spirits
And Many Other Things – Just Ask

Action is the Foundational Key to all Success.

Take Action with Vaudou, and it will take action with you.

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